2015-07-11 11:47:32 by balbod

Hey guys I just released a new animation called escape to the movies and noticed my last news update was in 2012, so I thought I'd make a new one and share some wallpapers from my animations for anyone that may be interested in such things. Enjoy!

new animation

2012-02-25 14:43:30 by balbod

heres a short metal gear animation i made in cinema 4d and flash hope you enjoy

3D with a hint of flash

2011-12-13 11:28:10 by balbod

I haven't uploaded anything to newgrounds all year because I've been doing 3D animation (and I'm lazy) but have found myself going back to flash more and more, so thought I'd share a half flash half 3d animation that i made to try some stuff out while waiting for a render to finish

click right here to veiw it

Tell me what you guys think of it. I will be doing some more of this half 3d and half flash stuff in the future but might relax by doing some standard flash like old times

Also here is a picture of a short metal gear parody I've been working on with the same 2d/3d shenanigans

3D with a hint of flash